There are different post options to support the shape of your deck. End posts are ideal to start and finish a railing side, mid posts are used in between railing sections, corner posts connect your railing sections at a 90 degree angle, and stair posts are specifically designed for stair applications. It's that easy!
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive and durable powder coat finish
  • Full-welds on the tops of all posts allow weight to be equally distributed on the rails and posts
  • The post base provides additional stability and allows for the system to be used on many applications
  • Available in white and black
End Post
Model # Quantity Colour
90000 1 White
90001 1 Black
Mid Post
Model # Quantity Colour
90010 1 White
90011 1 Black
Corner Post
Model # Quantity Colour
90020 1 White
90021 1 Black
Stair Post
Model # Quantity Colour
90050 1 White
90051 1 Black
Post Base Cover
Model # Quantity Colour
90980 1 White
90981 1 Black
Post Attachment Kit
Model # Quantity Colour
90060 1 White
90061 1 Black

easy-to-install, looks great and exclusive to The Home Depot!

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Installation Videos

The wonderful thing about the RailBlazers® Aluminum Railing System is that it’s extremely easy to install. In these installation videos one of our very own Peak pros will walk you through the installation process step-by-step, from beginning to end.

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